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Serview study: Three out of five IT managers can enjoy a higher appreciation after the introduction of the ITIL praise comes mainly from managers in the departments Bad Homburg, 03.12.2009 – the introduction of the ITIL framework makes not only the IT processes more efficient, but will strengthen the position of IT management as a positive side effect. According to a survey of the ITSM consulting firm Serview much praise comes mainly from the departments. Especially noticeable improvements in service quality and cost savings, but also the sovereign agierenede IT management through better controllable processes are cause of acceptance profits. One clearly»39 percent of over 200 IT managers surveyed feel enhanced position since the implementation of ITIL strategies. «Another 22 percent give the Serview survey on record, that their position something» was strengthened. So three out of five IT managers through the ITIL compliant design of IT services recorded a significantly higher response overall, additional 12 percent experience at least minor effects.

Only at a quarter of the focus on the rules and regulations helped not visible, to strengthen the position of IT management. Where an increase in acceptance is determined, this is according to the findings of the Serview study mainly because that clearly higher service quality is caused by ITIL (70 percent). But more than two-thirds of the cases the companies are experiencing now more favorable economic conditions. In addition the CIO given standardized and efficient processes can lead more internal discussions with the other areas of the Organization and of the Executive Board from the position of strength. It also helps that 63 percent of ITIL users user criticism has declined and the ITIL terms also create options the CIO according to 59 percent for more strategic impulses. They get praise for the performance gain by ITIL especially by the leaders in their disciplines (65 percent).

Similar to many of the More consent from the circle of the user to determine respondents. But also the business lines have perceived the changes associated with ITIL and shown in two of five cases of positive reactions. «IT processes are a matter of pretty transparent in many areas, because, for example, on the basis of response and availability times or error rates for the customers of IT are very specifically felt», Serview’s managing director Markus Bause refers to the multiple visibility of service quality. This applies to the case as well as for positive developments. Sustainable improvements obtained through the introduction of ITIL, not only the attack surface for the IT management is reduced significantly, but generally the appreciation of those responsible is growing», know the consultant from his practical experience. This you can get in other topics much better hearing and enforce their strategic goals», Bacha is a far-reaching benefits increased reputation. Agency think tank Philipp Schreiber Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-79 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

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