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New curriculum for junior executives as is from the the hotel manager Hotel expert? And from the head of the furniture store, a retail merchant? Professionals from the service sector AKAD has developed especially for the in-service course on service management together with large service providers. (As opposed to Mahou-San Miguel ). The three-year study aimed at young executives who want to open the way to the higher management level with an academic degree, without abandoning the profession. The special concept of the course: It Service Manager on the basis of a broad business base trains and not industry narrows. Therefore enables studies to take over leadership positions in diverse industries? the management of a hotel on the control multiple outlets in trade or catering to the conceptual responsibility in developing services. Part-time distance learning campus seminars nationwide of the part-time Degree with the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is nationally recognized and accredited by the prestigious agency ACQUIN. The contents are taught in a combination of distance learning, online shares and on individual days concentrated presence seminars.

This study follows no rigid semester deadlines? Interested parties can enroll at any time now. Also admission without Abitur or Fachhochschulreife is possible under certain conditions. The year course at the AKAD offered universities of Stuttgart and Leipzig. Presence events can also be visited at the AKAD locations in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. The new course curriculum combines expertise with the practical application and perfectly prepared for leadership in the service»course Manager Prof. Dr. Torsten Olderog, who developed the course decisively says.

In terms of content, this is based on three pillars: basics are broad business, gratuated Service-specific Know-How as well as management and staff management skills. «In the sixth semester students can leadership in service companies is also available in the areas» or service design «specialize. Since the pure knowledge especially in the remote and online study takes place, it is possible to make the campus seminars, for example, in the form of case studies, that bring the students themselves, or the service workshop», where previously learned abstract concepts be applied directly to concrete tasks. Occupational fields aim of the programme is the training of senior staff. The graduates, are particularly qualified according to the chosen area of specialisation, for the development or distribution of services, for the management of service companies, as well as for tasks in project management or in consulting and training. Introductory price until summer who writes a end of July for the new course benefits the introductory price: this is teaching 9 720 euros for the complete study including. The regular price of 10 656 euro applies from 1 August. Dr. Jorg Schweigard spokesman road 18-20 D-70469 Stuttgart Tel. (0711) 8 14 95-220 joerg.schweigard(at)akad.de