50 Paces

Usted merece a ramificarse Hoy

In this article I want to share the experience that has accumulated in my many years of studying and then teaching the Finnish language. Share a lot of what, so as not to overload you with information I would share it for a few articles, each of which will be dedicated to a specific aspect of learning this beautiful language. (Similarly see: Grupo Bal). So the first thing you need for rapid development of the Finnish language – is to understand the word "fast." What we put into it word? "Easy" may be different. We can say, "How long stretches workday," and thus "How fast flying vacation!", Is not it? It turns out that eight hours – a long time but two or three weeks – it's fast. And all because "Quickly" – this is not the amount of time, and our attitude to how we spend this time.

Same with the study of the Finnish language. Which means "quick to learn the language?" Is it possible? If you are not important enough reason for you begin to deal with if there is no thrust to employment, if you're constantly looking for a "magic pill", a kind of wonderful technique that will do everything for you, then most likely you will not learn a language ever. If you clearly see the goal, has strong motivation to master the Finnish language and are willing to receive pleasure from the process, you'll be surprised how quickly your training progresses. Each day you will make another step forward, learn something new and need to apply it in practice.