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Enjoy the summer with the right equipment to long-lasting winter we finally feel a touch of summer. And this summer is exciting and thrilling. Eagerly and hopefully we can wait to watch our team in South Africa. Track with the right equipment, you can quite big these games», whether inside or outside, whether in your own garden or in the bright living room. But how does it work? What do you need? What care must be taken? The experts at projector AG personally can answer these questions and many more. On May 8, 2010, the Cologne-based company will open its doors from 11 am to 6 pm for all football and projector enthusiasts? On this day writes big projector AG day light projection for indoors and outdoors.

There is to admire much to test. And what to win. Daylight-capable screens and projectors are ideal for every room and every light ratio, no matter how bright or dark. The projector AG you will find the first really proven daylight-capable screen the Cine4Home black screen by MAXlum. Developed with the Cine4Home professionals who also will present the advantages of this screen on May 8 on the ground. Fit the Cine4Home black screen to other screens daylight-capable projector for testing will be available, E.g. Epson EH-TW3500, Mitsubishi HC3900, Samsung SP-A600B. We get visitors on May 8 by a consultant from Samsung, who will give information to the Samsung projector collection. An MP3 player from Samsung there in addition to win (draw at 17: 00). All are cordially invited on May 8 in a pleasant atmosphere, consult this opportunity to exploit, and to prepare for the exciting summer. More information under: