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Usted merece a ramificarse Hoy

The fact that traditional Gypsy tarot Chuck is only worth of the major arcana gives us a clear pattern of the importance much greater that is attributed to this group of playing cards above the so-called minor arcana. Such is the difference in the estimation of the value of one and another set of Tarot cards, that many even mistakenly believe that arcane children correspond with the letters of the Spanish deck. Although it circulates information about the minor arcana is much more scarce that the existing on the elderly, a simple look at the illustrations take us to understand perfectly that the tarot minor arcana they differ clearly from cards of Spanish letters. This confusion stems from the fact that both types of decks are divided into the same 4 sticks: gold, Cup, sword and bastos. But already there arises the first and important difference: the suits of the Spanish deck are composed of twelve letters. Of arcane minors, by 14.

The figure is higher thanks to the inclusion of the number 10 (although the figure de la Sota or servant is maintained), and the figure of the Queen. Been much said about the minor importance of these arcana in tarot Chuck. The greatest flaw attributed to them is the possess a symbolic charge much more linear and less wealth than of the major arcana. However, these arcana have a peculiarity which elevates them above this apparent simplicity. The minor arcana tell a story. Unlike the major arcana, whose symbolic elements are easily identifiable and classifiable within a culture, religion or particular philosophical current, arcane minors symbolize what each consultant wants to see in them. In a deck, a woman cries of happiness? For love? The death of a loved one? We do not know it: consequently, cannot attribute any cry of these causes, or any other.

Beyond, 2 characters provide are closing good business? They celebrate their love? Is brewing among them a betrayal? Once again, the possibilities are nearly endless. This particularity own minor arcana makes them the Group of tarot cards more versatile, able to interpret each and every one of the great human comedy situations. A quality, without any doubt, that nobody could tick minor.